Tuesday, 10 June 2008


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what is the type of speech in these following videos?

expressive Dysphasia:(anterior or Broca's aphasia)
comprehension of the spoken and written words is normal.
expression is poor with impaired non-fluent speech.

receptive Dysphasia:(posterior or Wernike's aphasia)
there is difficulty in undrestanding the spoken and written words
while speech may be fleunt and grammatical with normal articulation.
however, it may lack meaningwith inapprpriate words or phrases 
(paraphasia) or new words (neologism)

assessment of speech:
1-general questions
"my name is ...,what's your name?"
"where do you live?"
one/two step command
4-name familiar objects.
repeat:"british constitutions"
6-perform AMTS

can you think of additional/alternative way to assess speech?
what is the definition of dyspasia/dyartheria?
what are the causes of dysartheria?

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  1. dysartheria is difficulty with articulation due to incoordination or weakness of muscle of speech.language is normal.
    (dysphasia is impairment of languges caused by brain damage)
    1-cerebellar disease:slurring, scanning.
    2-extrapyramidal:soft indistinct
    3-psudo-bulbar palsy:spastic
    4-bulbar palsy
    5-other:NMJ e.g myathenia