Tuesday, 10 June 2008


identify the gait abnormality:

gait assessment:
1-ask the patient:"can you walk unaided?"
cerebellar dysartheria during his replay will give clue
stand beside him for support
2-observe the gait (see below)
3-note arm swing/clumssiness on turning back/sticky foot
4-ask him to perform heel to toe gait.
this will axacerbate ataxia/note the side of tendency to fall
5-ask him to walk on his toes/heels
6-Romberg's test.
feet together/assure steadiness/close eye/support
this will demonstrate sensory ataxia e.g dorsal column lesion

abnormal gaits:
wide based/arms held aside ->cerebellar disease

stiff/scissoring/wading throgh mud ->spastic paraparesis

ataxic/Romberg's positive ->sensory ataxia

festinant/shuffling/no arm swing -> Parkinson's

steppage/foot high ->foot drop

semicircle/cercumduction/pelvic tilted ->hemiplagic

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