Monday, 9 June 2008

history taking guidance

it is improtant to be aware how you will be marked in the history taking skills station:

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PACES guidance notes (MRCP UK):
waht you have to do:
1-take history focused on the question raised in the referral letter and on additional important issues refealed by consultation.
2-incorporare details of the social history and the activities of daily living which are relevant to the case.
3-you are expected to agree a summary and plan of action for the patient at the end of the interview.
4-when questioned by the examiner over the last 5 minutes of the station,you must be able to state the problems elicited in the history and how you would manage them giving your reasons.

the examiners will assess you on:
1-an adequate knowledge of the medical condition in question,and their investigation and treatment.
2-did you communicate effectively with your patient in a tructured but flexible way using intelligible language and avoiding jargons?
3-did you establish good rapport with the patient?
4-did you show good judgement in your management?

suggested preparation to improve performance:
1-in the course of your work,take as many purposefull analytical histories as possible an practice always make a differential diagnosis,with the most likely diagmosis on the top.
2-practice quantifying patients' disabilities and associated problems and assess the importance of personal factors in their illness.
3-practce drawing up management plans for patients under your daily care and discussing these with senior colleagues.

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