Wednesday, 4 June 2008

typical case

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look out for this in the abdomin station.
if you found it,you should score 4!


  1. is it tendon xanthoma & so you go on to examine for abdominal aortic aneurysm and renal artery stenosis

  2. any other thoughts in the contest of "renal problem"?

  3. An arteriovenous fistula, most likely radio-cephalic fistula

  4. AV fistula - as said before.. it's radio cephalic. Should be able to comment on whether it is functioning by feeling for a thrill, or listening for the buzzing.

    Quick question - on the previous picture highligting typical case of renal transplant.. there was a comment saying - the patient has a functiong transplanted kidney in the LIF - how would one be able to comment on whether or not the transplanted kidney is working. And if there is evidence of recently used fistula site (as mentioned in the picture).. isn't likely to be a failed transplant and back on HD?

  5. no clue, can u enlighten me on how to know clinically whether or not the transplanted kidney is working?

    is it by looking at the urine amount?