Sunday, 1 June 2008


the skin over the fingers is smooth, shiny and tight
there is digital ischemia and ulceration with pulp infarction and atrophy
there is dilated nail fold capillaries with nail fold infarct and ragged cuticle
there is calcinosis.
now comment on any features on the face.
what are the other organs involved?
what are the varient of scleroderma?
what are the lines of manahement?

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  1. types of scleroderma:
    1-limited:CREST syndrome
    2-diffuse:skin,trunk and extremities affected

  2. scledoerma sine scwhich is characterised by minimal skin involvement and heavy organ involvement, and morphea which is cutaneous only

  3. management:
    -hand care, hand warmwers and calcium channel blockers for Raynauds's
    -prostacyclin infusion for severe Raynaud's,renal disease and pulmonary hypertensoin.
    -prokinatic agents for dismotility
    -PPI for GORD
    -ACEi for renal disease including hypertensive crises.
    -steriods, cyclophosphamide or azathioprine for pulmonary fibrosis.