Sunday, 6 September 2009

driving when medically unfit

This scenario is mainly about disclosure of confidential information.
the patient is usually newly diagnosed with epilipsy or diabetes (insulin in HGD).
the patient will usually have his own reason to continue driving.
you are expected to:
after establishing that the patient is still driving, explain this is illigal.
explain he is banned from driving for a certain period e.g 1 year for fit.
explain the insurance policy is now invalid.
explain the situation clearly in a non-patrinising manner whilst 
reconizing the patient dilemma.
advice the patient ti inform the driving authorities.
remain calm in face of mild aggressive and emotional behaviour.
tell the patient if he does not inform the DVLA then you are acting 
within reasons to inform them yourself.
before you disclose these information to the DVLA you should inform 
the patient about your decision to do  shouls also write to the 
patient to confirm the disclosure has been made.
ethical/legalissues raised in this case:
1-respect the patient autonomy (i.e the capacity ofthe patient to make 
deliberated or reasoned decisions for himdelf and to act on bases of 
those decisions).
2-disclosure of confidential information. in this situation, it is in 
the best interst of the public if this information is handed to the relevant 
authotrities.patient consent  is not needed.
3-beneficence:duty to do good and a moral obligation to do no harm
4-duty to act justly
5-legal aspects-detailed knowledge of medical law is not required.

DVLA guidelines link click here

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