Thursday, 5 June 2008


there is right UMN weakness of the facial muscles.the right arm and leg are weak with increased tone and hyper-reflexia.the right planter is extensor.
he is dysphasic and there is sensory inattension.
this is right hemiplegia.

I would like to finish my examination by:
examin the visual field for homonymous hemianopia
check for caroted bruit
pulse for AF/heart for murmur
check the BP
dip the urine for suger

what are the causes of stroke?
what are the risk factors?

how would classify stroke?
Bamford classification 1991:
1-total anterior circulation stroke TACS
higher cerebral dysfunction +
homonymous visual field defect +
ipsilateral motor and/or sensory deficit
2-partial anterior circulation stroke PACS
2 out of 3 of TACS or higher cerebral dysfunction alone
3-lacunar stroke LACS
motor stroke or sensory stroke or sensory-motor stroke
4-posterior circulation stroke POCS
ipsilateral CN palsy with contralateral motor +/-sensory deficit or
bilateral motor+/-sensory deficit or
cerebellar dysfunction

can you list the features that are helpful t localize the site of hemiplagia?

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