Friday, 6 June 2008

history taking

opening the interview:
introduce yourself appropriately and explain your role.
maintain attentive body position,good eye contact.

"come in..."
"Hello,..Mr Osbourne, is it?" shakig hand with patient.
"common have a seat."
"nice to meet you."
"my name is Mr Steven, am a Urologist."

the main complaint:
obtain and record the main complaint in the patient own words.
let the patient finish the opening statment.
start with open-end questions.

"I wonder if i can ask you a little about why are you here?,...and what problems you have been experiencing?"
"ok..,do you want to tell me more about that?"
"ok..,are there any other problems associated with that at all?"
"is there anytthing else you think of at the moment?"

strive for interchangeable responces, such as silence and noding.
use summerization and clarification.

" gathering obviously that the waterwork is getting worse and also the tiredness issue..."

close-ended questions provide details and they are useful in trying to build the case for certain diagnosis.
the "wh-" questions describe the attributes of the patient's symptoms and specify the story.

"first of all,..HOW long these symptoms have been a problem for you?"
"WHEN was the first time you noticed that there is a problem at all?"

"..and then, saw your GP I think,is that right?"

summerize and recab,
"can I actually ask about the main symptom again, you mentioned...."

shaw empathy:
"I can imainge that can be very inconvenient at times.."

getting the details.
"can i ask you when you go, is it painfull to pass urine at all?"
"..have you noticed blood in you urine..?"
" you got bony pain or joint pain?"

re summerize:
"if you dont mind can I just summerize...."