Friday, 6 June 2008

foot drop

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foot drop is caused by weakness of the dorsoflexors of the foot and toes.

site and causes:
1-lumbosacral pluxus (pelvic malignancy)
2-sciatic nerve palsy (trauma,IM injection)
3-peroneal nerve palsy (what are the causes?)
4-neuomuscular junction(Myathenia Gravis )
5-muscles/myopathy(myotonic dystrophy)

what are the features of foot drop due to common peroneal nerve palsy?
1-wasting of the muscles in the lateral aspect of the leg
2-weakness of dorsoflexion +/- eversion
3-high seppage gait
4-loss of sensation in the lateral aspect of the leg and ddorsum of the foot.


  1. causes of peroneal nerve palsy:
    1-press at the neck of the fibula
    3-alcohol abuse

  2. remember foot drop happened due to weakness of the dorsiflexors of the foot and toes.

  3. we have to locate lesion from upper
    1. lumbosacral plexus (L1-3)>> iliopsoas M ( hip flex )
    2. Sacral plexus >> superior/inferior gluteal N >> Leg abd. & leg exten.
    3. Sciatic N >> knee flex
    4. Common peroneal N >> dorsiflex + evert foot
    5. Deep peroneal N >> only dorsiflex foot
    6. NMJ
    7. Muscle