Saturday, 31 May 2008

exam questions 2

what is your diagnosis?
what are the associated conditions?
is there any treatment?
read more about this condition


  1. symetrically destributed hypopegmented patches.

    associated with organ-specific autoimmune condition:
    1-Graves disease
    2-pernicious anaemia
    4-addison's disease

  2. tx
    cosmetic make up and sunscreen
    topical steroids

  3. Symmetrical patches of hypopigmentated skin lesion consistent of vitiligo. I would like to examine her palmar creases and buccal mucosa for hyperpigmentation secondary to associated autoimmune addison's disease, examine for conjuctiva pallor and angular stomatitis for signs of anaemia which could be secondary to pernicious anaemia, dipstick her urine for glucose and perform random glucose level for diabetes mellitus, examine her thyroid glad and thyroid status for signs of hypo/hyperthyroidism as well as performing a TFT level. The diagnosis is vitiligo which could be associated with underlying autoimmune conditions. Treatment for vitiligo include sunblock cream and long sleeve shirt to prevent area of sunburn on the vitiligo.